Too my cute little baby

so.. to answer your little "essay" on my letter, yesterday evening was the best evening in my whole life! you are a wonderful person and I really loved beeing with you! I dont know why but since the first moment I saw you... I felt attracted to you...and when you kissed me I forgot all the stuff around us... It was just u and me. You said something about heebie-jeebies: well I have to say that i had heebie-jeebies just by having you next to me. And when you stood behind me... i lost all my senses.... you are a awesome person and i have to admit I really love you...

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Meine Pfingstferien

hey löle.

ich hab diese ganze woche jetzt frei. im gegensatz zu dir...=-)) na wie gehts der blöden 14jährigen mama von zwei kindern auf deiner schule? Hat sie das blöde kind echt maria theresa genannt oder hat mich das nur so durch ein mieses gerücht erreicht? denn die soll meinen namen nicht so beschmutzen...naja, ich schreib nächsten samstag das fce. da bin ich dann bei dir. diese scheißprüfung kostet alleine 120 euro. und die behalten das geld selbst wenn ich dieses ding in den sand setze. und dasdarf einfach nicght passieren. ich schreib dir dann nochmal nen eintrag in dein gäste buch. auf spanisch da haste dann was zu übersetzen...=-) vielleicht bin ich auch so gnädig und schreib dir die deutsche übersetzung drunter... nee wirste schon sehen.ach ja ich hab noch ein paar angelina jolie poster und ein paar kelly clarkson poster zuhause.mal kucken ob ich dran denke

naja des wars erstemal bis denne meine niesel alias denise

deine mia miss you

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my new big love

you know... everything turns pink when u are in love... well my whole world has turned pink...even all the shadows went away and turned into the brightest light I have ever had in my entired life...we met when I already had a boyfriend.... but right now I have to say as luck would have it we separated, so i was free to fall in love with the most wonderful person on the earth. just to imagine.. when u look at me i can only see you bright blue eyes what makes me smile. when you take my hand i feel like someone took me up to heaven. and as we are at that point, i never want to make heaven cry i'll do everything to keep you by my side. i don't know how you got me that far, but i love it. and i love you! more than i have ever loved someone first i thought.. who the hell is that... but with the time i embosomed you more and more. And it also could be that you are the one for life... but right now, at that time of our relationship, i can't say that with absolute assurance. i only know i do love you till hell is frozen and i will do even further. i dont know if you think so as well, but everyday i await the next time we meet. i'm sometimes even sick of love... for example at friday evening after school. i was lying in my bed doing nothing. just starring at my ceiling and thinking about you and our wonderful thursday. and i felt bad because you weren't with me. Is that something normal?? i think no. You can call it destiny or what ever. But i have the assumption it was you i was looking for. and i strongly hope i am true. My life is right now so wonderful. And it is ought to stay that way. Not for ever but at least for a quite long while!
Baby i love you!
you little sweetie

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