beeing alone all night

as everyone who read the last blogs should know im heavily in love... last night my boyfriend called me again and it was so lovely to talk to him. simply to hear his voice makes me feel like having eaten thousands of ballons. and then adding WHAT he says... oh jop this is a challenge....quarter past eleven we got it after almost one and a half our of talking.... he was tired, and i had to learn for an arabic test(which we did in the end not write... ) the night i had was quite.... well i felt good and i had VERY nice dreams.... no for real... we talked about stuff... that makes sb feel good... at least it does with me. what i still want to write about is that i feel very lonely, when thinking about our lovely wednesday... and at friday we might repeat this all and go a little further. even if i have not the experience and im extremely shy( refering to that thing with touching). but ill try my very best... i cant do any promises. but what i can a 100 percent assure to you: i´ll not leave you alone in any minute! at least ill try...=) no for real i really love you! and i cant wait seeing you again and feeling your body next to me /feel your lips touching mine.... Emotic(kiss2)} im absolutely yours!
love, mia

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