my new big love

you know... everything turns pink when u are in love... well my whole world has turned pink...even all the shadows went away and turned into the brightest light I have ever had in my entired life...we met when I already had a boyfriend.... but right now I have to say as luck would have it we separated, so i was free to fall in love with the most wonderful person on the earth. just to imagine.. when u look at me i can only see you bright blue eyes what makes me smile. when you take my hand i feel like someone took me up to heaven. and as we are at that point, i never want to make heaven cry i'll do everything to keep you by my side. i don't know how you got me that far, but i love it. and i love you! more than i have ever loved someone first i thought.. who the hell is that... but with the time i embosomed you more and more. And it also could be that you are the one for life... but right now, at that time of our relationship, i can't say that with absolute assurance. i only know i do love you till hell is frozen and i will do even further. i dont know if you think so as well, but everyday i await the next time we meet. i'm sometimes even sick of love... for example at friday evening after school. i was lying in my bed doing nothing. just starring at my ceiling and thinking about you and our wonderful thursday. and i felt bad because you weren't with me. Is that something normal?? i think no. You can call it destiny or what ever. But i have the assumption it was you i was looking for. and i strongly hope i am true. My life is right now so wonderful. And it is ought to stay that way. Not for ever but at least for a quite long while!
Baby i love you!
you little sweetie

19.3.07 19:40

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