how i feel today

well, today is a pretty shitty day not to say a fucked up day i should have stayed in the bed this morning. problem is my educators don´t allow me to. nevertheless i was in school, fucking day as i said. and after school i went to get a present for a friend of mine. i have quite a lot of trouble with my belly. just the normal "visit" a girl has within each month u know. and then i had the idea to have a little conversion with my baby. as i opened my icq i was really happy to see his name on the list of the online ones. my mood was suddenly very good. until he startet to tell me between the lines he has no time for me. my mood went worser than before and so she is still now. or worser than worse(i dont know if there is something higher than worse???) nevertheless im still a little pissed by the shit happening around the whole day. so whatever im leaving now. eating something.
good bye u all and darling: have fun with ur animes ! Kiss!

10.5.07 18:51

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