in the heat of the summer...or was it the may???

well today we have such a fantastic weather even my boyfriend stopped chatting with me because of this. well no matter i write a entry indeed... its been so many days or even weeks since i saw my darling i dont know how long i should keep this going like that... i mean i will not break up no!!! never in my wildest dreams not, but i miss him like others need the air to breath. and this feels like someone eats up your whole inner body. i do not only feel attractet to him.i want to never leave him alone its like i´m depending on him. no jan, no mia just like this for sb. to imagine. its HORRIBLE. beeing alone when on another weekend you fell asleep with your love and when u woke up(3 times...) . i spend a very very awesome day with the most gorgious person ive ever seen/known/been with, its the truth when i say his parents should receive a thank-you-letter of mine. even if it seems as if he wouldn't like to hear this. i don't care i'll say this never the less. because he is a very special person and i'm so glad he fell in love with me. i mean i'm(still) 15, small, not very pretty, and he is... let me call it a womens dream of a man. right now he is my dream. and i'll let no one disturb my dream. not before i am dead. but i still dont unterstand how he picked me when he has lots of beautiful women in front of him walking everyday. he took the boardingschoolteenie are hard to understand. but i cannot really imagine a life without him... he belongs to me like i belong to him... and the best about our distance is that we use our time together very very good. like on weekends or something my mother still doesnt know about.what she also will never but whatever. ill leave for my room now i have to do very important things like chillin' and so on u know.... for comments or any criticism there should be a link called kommentieren. otherwise write me a mail to ok bye ladys cul8er!

21.5.07 17:49

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